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May 12, 2016

Best places to be when you wanna distract from exams

Hi Guys! What have you been up to this week? We had been really busy studying for exams and working on design proyects for university, so obviously every little break we had, we wanted to distract, relax, and have fun. 

These are some of the happiest places to go when you want to forget about work and exams

The Late Late Show with James Corden

This guy is Hi-larious, seriously. The carpool karaoke segments are
our favourite. You can watch him sing with some A-list stars like Chris Martin, Justin Bieber, Sia, J-lo, Adele, George Clooney and more.

Moviefone Unscripted

So this is where you need to be if you wanna hear behind the scenes secrets from your favourite movies told by it´s actors. 



Ever wonder what the life of a super model is like ? Well Karlie Kloss started her Youtube channel and it´s epic!


Celebs playing never have i ever with Ellen? Yes please! The interviews are also really funny.

British Vogue

We like Alexa Chung´s series talking about  "The Future of Fashion" and "Inside the Wardrobe..." where Vogue editors visit celebrities closets and show us their best pieces.

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